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EuroMedix provides state-of-the-art, medical screening concepts & point-of-care products to facilitate the early prevention and detection of health conditions, and to monitor diseases once diagnosed.

EuroMedix provides health screening tools and implements concepts related to:

  • Early prevention of common diseases (primary prevention)
  • Early detection of risk factors or illness development (secondary prevention)
  • Management of patients with installed diseases in order to improve the prognosis and outcome (tertiary prevention)
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The company is spun out of imec, the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, and a research collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, the leading US research and medical center.

Our proprietary silicon chip and reader require only a small sample volume. The sample moves through the test card using capillary forces alone.

The silicon chip is used to perform liquid handling steps completely passively and to support an efficient PCR reaction. The results with lab-quality sensitivity and specificity are visualized on a connected device in a user-friendly user interface.

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EuroMedix, trailblazer in POC lipid & diabetes testing.

In 1994, EuroMedix introduced the 1st new generation analyser for POC Lipid Profile testing in Europe.

In 2005 EuroMedix launched the A1cNow® System in the European market. The A1cNow® System is the first technology to provide healthcare professionals and consumers with immediate access to quantitative A1 C status — the “gold standard” indicator of diabetes management — without the time, high cost and complexity of reference labs or instrument-based systems.

PTS Diagnostics, Silicon Valley & Indianapolis selected EuroMedix @ Medix Valley Leuven as their Central European Hub

EuroMedix is the Central European Partner for PTS Diagnostics.

The partnership started in 2000 and has been recently renewed for the next 5 years.

EuroMedix has a track record of success and ranks amongst the most successful international PTS distributors.

PTS Diagnostics is a leading international manufacturer of state-of-the-art technology for advanced point-of-care lipid testing and HbA1c testing. Products A1CNow+®, CardioChek® and PTS detect™ Cotinine.

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EuroMedix provides state-of-the-art, medical screening concepts & point-of-care products to facilitate the early prevention and detection of health conditions, and to monitor diseases once diagnosed.

Our CHARM* Concept
* Cardiometabolic Health & Advanced Risk Management

A further dimension of Cardiometabolic Health & Advanced Risk Management concerns new technologies that measure direct (non-fasting) LDL cholesterol, lipoprotein(a), vascular age, arterial stiffness, AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) …

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House of Talents is a service group specialising in bottleneck profiles. We group 13 different Talents, each specialising in a particular area of the labour market.

This ensures that we employ more than 1,000 people. On the one hand, we make sure that every candidate finds a job that suits him/her.

On the other hand, we make sure we find the right candidate for our clients to fill their vacancies. So sit back and relax because we do the work for you!

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EuroMedix has a total health solution for your company!

CHARM days, CHARM weeks

EuroMedix is your innovative partner for both delivering high-quality point-of-care (POC) products and providing extensive experience in health promotion activity consultation and implementation for your company.

Our CHARM* Concept

*Cardiometabolic Health & Advanced Risk Management

The culmination of 25 years of experience in state-of-the-art analysers, fast and proven technology, designed to mitigate known illnesses and detect an unhealthy lifestyle early Point of Care Testing – POC

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Young Perfect has been active within Brand & Shopper Activation in the Netherlands and Belgium since 1990 and specialises in Instore activations for A-brands within retail organisations.

Activating strong brands and entering into dialogue with shoppers within food and non-food is our passion. Together with our clients, we devise striking and innovative activations that create the ultimate brand experience on and around the shop floor. Quality and partnership with our client are key.

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To make medical care more efficient and less expensive
Founded on 1 January 2007 in 1000 Brussels to address the medical paradox:
“Health systems help the rare sick trees but not the endangered wood”.
Vascular diseases are the most common class of avoidable diseases.

The foundation aims to enhance the efficacy of current medical care.

  • WHO Vision -> European View
  • High ethical standards,
  • High scientific level

The Paradox of current health management in Western industrialised countries

  • Health budgets have never been as high as today
  • Medical Technology & Science have made considerable progress in the last decennia
  • Pandemic growth of “Welfare Diseases“ as never before
  • e.g.:
    •  cardio-metabolic diseases, atherosclerosis and related risks, obesity, type2 diabetes, …
    • allergies, osteoporosis, cancer, …

Prevention requires a re-allocation of existing budgets, without making it more expensive

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EcoWater Systems remains a leader with more than 40 active patents and unparalleled quality guidelines that ensure excellence in all our products. Product quality and investment in research and development are the hallmarks of our company. EcoWater’s production facilities are qualified following ISO 9001. This is the most prominent certification of three international organisations that control the standards of quality systems. The registration of the certification protects excellence in our products from technical description to final design.